Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Some People Life Is Just A Game

game2readyforblognow.png picture by GemsTags 

 I am using the stunning artwork of Camilla Drakenborg who you can purchase from AMI

 I Have used the Fantastic Scrapkit Called Twilight by Urban Fairytales SunF you can download from her site on the link below

Fonts used are Phonetica 2 download from
Requiem for the Top Wording

Ok Lets get to work it is a little involved so follow through with me LOL
First off open a new transparent image 600x600 pixels and flood fill the layer with white we can close that off afterwards if you want a transparent background for forum posting this just helps you see where you are placing your layers

Now open the Chess fade in the kit and resize to 85% smart size all layers unticked and paste to the centre of your transparent image now up to layers and duplicate then to image and mirror move them over so the top part joins

Now open the kit meadow and paste as a new layer move it to the centre of the chess patterns (We will line everything perfectly later)

Now open the twilight frame png and paste to the bottom of the meadow now using your selector tool set on selection draw out the frame as below
Image3game.png picture by GemsTags
Now if you are using the same tube as me open your tube up and close the tube layer we will now copy and paste the image for the tube as a new layer then up to selections invert hit delete on your keyboard this takes off any excess and now move the layer below the frame.

Now open the kit flower 3 and resize to 85% smart size all layers unticked paste to the top left of the frame then up to layers duplicate and then image mirror to give you one on each side
Now we will add a dropshadow to the meadow the frame and the flowers of H1V1 opacity 50 blur 3.00 shadow on new layer unticked.To add a dropshadow go up to effects then 3d then dropshadow.

Now the next part is a little tricky you may wish to close all layers but the frame so you can see where you are working
Open the Chess Piece up to image resize to 75% smart size all layers unticked paste to the left side of the frame then up to layers duplicate and image mirror so you have one on each side
Now click back on to your left chess piece layers duplicate and resize the new one again by 75% smart size all layers unticked then layers duplicate image mirror to place one on the opposite side.

Now one more time click back on your left smaller chess piece layers duplicate now with this one we need to go up to selections select all float then defloat and add a new raster layer and then flood fill with black once you have the black layer on the chest piece go to your layers palette and delete the original white one you floated then up to layers duplicate and image mirror to give you one on the other side.

Now you will need to check your layer arrangements so you have the chess pieces as I have on mine.

Now add the same dropshadow to all the chess pieces as we used above.

Now you are ready to add your tube on the tube I added a drop shadow of H2V2 Opacity 50 Blur 5.00 shadow on new layer ticked.

Now arrange all your layers and move your tube into place

Now using the Requiem font on size 30pixels antialis sharp stroke width O. Type the words
For Some People Life Is Just A Game
Add the same dropshadow to the words as we used on the Tube.
Then up to layers and merge visible
Once you are happy with all your placements add your credits and name
Then up to layers and merge visible

Then using your crop tool cut out the Tag to make it smaller you wish to resize after cutting the choice is yours.

If you wish to save as transparent so you can post on different coloured forums close off the white layer on the bottom and then save your tag as a png image. I personally like the white behind the tag and my forum is a white background so you can just merge flatten all layers if you wish to keep the white background

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial

©RealGemDesigns written 16th April 2009 Tutorial Registered with TWI

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